Planescape: Center of All

Book 1; Chapter 16: Angel

Fleeing Waterdeep after a crime of passion that left her lover dead, Angel made her way to the Northeast as far and fast as she could before night’s darkness claimed the land. Encountering a shepherd’s shack from which came the most delicious smell of roasting lamb, Angel approached the shack to beg for food, but the man inside warned her to flee. Not understanding why she heeded the human’s advice, she nonetheless did so, and hid herself in the woods. Watching the cabin from afar, Angel witnessed a wolf-like beast burst through the cabin door and race away into the woods… thankfully in another direction! Seeing her chance, Angel crept into the cabin and stole the human’s food, swiping the leg of lamb directly from the fire.

Quickly retreating from the scene, Angel found a secluded cave and after making sure it was empty, spent a tearful night thinking of her lot in life. Having wept herself to sleep, Angel awoke the next morning and decided to continue her journey Northeast. She came across a campsite that had been ransacked, sighting one large wolfish print among the scattered gear. Remembering the beast from the night before, Angel quickly looted what she could from the campsite and made her way in the opposite direction the footprint was facing.

That night she spent in a tree, her thoughts still occupied with the beast, and just as she was drifting off to sleep, was awakened by a talking owl. The owl told her he had been sent by his master to seek adventurers his master wanted to hire for a salvage mission. Intrigued, Angel accompanied the owl and met an Arcane named Sareen. Sareen told Angel the story of his brother who had been killed in pursuit of finding some sort of lost tomb. Sareen’s brother had been possession of a powerful artifact that Sareen wanted to recover… and he was willing to pay handsomely to hire adventures to complete the task. Angel agreed and met the two others Sareen had also hired, a human mercenary named Mimfred and an aged human priest named Vernon.

Journeying to the ruined ghost town where the entrance to the tomb was supposed to lay, Angel and her two companions followed cryptic clues given by the giant to find the several pieces of the “key” which would open the entrance to the tomb. While journeying from abandoned building to abandoned building, Angel became increasingly annoyed with Mimfred’s flirtatious advances and began secretly harassing the human with her magic. At one point, she caused him to fall into a strange pool filled with golden liquid, at which point Mimfred disappeared. Remorseful of her actions and fearing to have another’s blood on her hands, Angel risked disappearing into the golden pool herself to save the human. When Mimfred was rescued he told a strange tale of a place with endless stairs, but his tales were dismissed by his two companions in favor of completing Sareen’s task.

Recovering all the parts of the “key”, Angel, Vernon, and Mimfred succeeded in opening the way into the tomb but only found themselves on a seemingly endless stairway… which Mimfred identified as the place he had been before. Sighting a strange seemingly-dead thing nearby, as the dead-thing also sighted them, Angel and her companions were joined by Jeremiah, Ferez and company, who joined forces with Angel and her crew to dispatch the undead creature.



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