Planescape: Center of All

Book 1; Chapter 14: Aram

Aram had travelled the burning sands, lost for days before stumbling upon the oasis town. On the edge of dehydration, he was given water by the guards, then brought before the town’s leader, Samuul. He was well-recieved, given three night’s stay to recover before moving on.

On the second day, a local warrior returned, bearing a slaver in tow to meet with Samuul. Moments later, chaos erupted in the tent, as jackal-men attacked, burning Samuul and kidnapping Jazeela, a local arcanist. A search and rescue party was organized, with Aram tagging along, mistaken for a desert survivalist. Tracking the jackal-men led the party to a recently unearthed obelisk and the slave camp surrounding it. With the help of one of the slaves, the group infiltrated the obelisk, avoiding the guards outside. Once inside, they encountered resistance. Aram made it to the top of the obelisk to find Jazeela in the clutch of a spellcaster, guarded by one of his minion. In a last ditch effort to save her, Aram found himself outmatched, knocked unconscious by the guard.



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