Planescape: Center of All

Book 1; Chapter 11: Armius

Born in Faunel on the outlands, Armius primarily raised himself due to his mother having been driven insane by the events surrounding Armius’s conception and birth. His mother, caught in the Beastlands by a wandering court of fey, was manipulated by the creatures’ enchantments and used as a diversion. Tired with their toy once she had entered a largely catatonic state, the fey left, marking her with a bracelet, a twisted memento of their time together. Having remained limitedly responsive throughout Armius’ childhood, it was only due to his mother’s unnatural luck and ability to communicate with her son silently that the both of them survived. On his 16th birthday, Armius awoke to find his mother missing and the fey bracelet on his arm. Hoping his mother might finally have found peace, Armius felt no betrayal at his abandonment.

Gifted with innate powers derived from his part-fey ancestry, Armius survived in the Wreckage using both his abilities and intelligence. Having needed all of the advantages he could find, Armius pursued thievery to compliment his abilities. Using the plentiful natural resources of Faunel and the constant flow of travelers, Armius survived on his own until he grew weary of the monotony of his home.

Learning what he could in the primitive wreckage, Armius bought into the Sensate philosophy, hoping to live life more fully and completely by sampling all it had to offer. The more he experienced, the stronger the pull of his ancestor’s powers became.

Hearing much of the Cage from travelers between Faunel and Signpost, Armius left for the Beastlands. Through his youth the happy hunting grounds had served as an extended back yard for Armius. Now with a purpose, the youth felt lost. Wise enough to know that wandering the wilds seeking a path to Sigil would put him in the dead book, Armius befriended a troupe of swanmay sisters and traveled with them for a time through the Beastlands, acclimating himself to his developing arcane and psychic powers as well as with the struggles of living on the move.

A brutal battle with a troll left half of his swanmay companions dead but introduced Armius to Rorimac, the Halfling druid from the Verdant Guild. Rorimac was serendipitously headed to Sigil when he happened upon the swanmays and Armius engaged in battle with the troll. Helping the fey, Rorimac was instrumental in the troll’s defeat. After aiding the sisters with their dead, Rorimac and Armius traveled together through the wilderness until they came upon a sinkhole. Rorimac suddenly attacked Armius in the form of a great ape, throwing the young fey into the pit. The druid’s intent was to utilize his companion’s fear to activate the portal onward in their journey toward the rainbow road and Sigil. Unfortunately, Rorimac was dealing with a fey sensate with an unhealthy appetite for adventure. With curiosity and excitement in his heart, the portal misfired and took the pair into a humid jungle with an unrelenting sun.



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