Planescape: Center of All

Book 1; Chapter 13: Jeremiah Harwell

Jeremiah and his friend Parzival were on a mission from his father to investigate a nearby tor known as Hoardtower. Rumor had it that humanoids were seen using the tor recently, and the pair were to determine if this was true.

The weather didn’t cooperate with their expedition as it was in the middle of a downpour when they finally reached their destination. Searching around, they found that the old blocked off entrance had been cleared just as the storm began to get violent, with frequent nearby lightening strikes.

The pair sought shelter deeper in the door, but the integrity of the first chamber was poor, and a blast from the storm caused the entrance to collapse, as well as flushed a warm of hungry rats into the chamber. The pair avoided the rats by racing into a hallway and using the door as a barricade. Therein though, the were harassed by a vargoyle.

When the vargoyle was put down, they speculated on it’s origins for awhile before moving deeper into the tor, where they came across a pair of hobgoblins. Quickly the dispatched the humanoids and climbed to the top of the tor, where they set up a camp and tried to wait out the storm.

The next day, when things were calmer, they went back into the tor and explored further, looking for a way out. During this discovery, they passed a crypt that the hobgoblins were guarding. Without the guards maintaining the wards on the crypt, the restless dead inside began to flood out of the chamber. The pair fell back deeper into the tor, looking for favorable ground to make a stand against the walking dead. This tactic found them trapped in a dead end room, making their situation rather grim. That was, until Ferez opened a door on the other side of the room, a door that lead to the infinite staircase.



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