Planescape: Center of All

Book 1; Chapter 15: Kyle Branchwood

While traveling from his family estate to the Free City of Greyhawk, Kyle found himself stuck in a village after a severe rain storm washes out the road. With the locals working hard to repair the road, Kyle went to the site of the damage to see how he could help. Along the way he came across a priest of St.Cuthbert tending to corpses that had been mummified by the swamp, but exhumed by the storm.

During their conversation, Kyle learned of a creature that came out of the bog and attacked several people the previous night. Intrigued, Kyle asked to interview one of the survivors, where he assessed that the man who survived the attack was infected with mummy rot, and not long for the world despite feeling quite well.

Banding together with the priest, Kyle tracked the creature into the bog, coming across other signs of it’s presence, such as the body of a lizard man who had been beaten to death by the creature.

Eventually they came across the old village, which had long ago fallen to the swamp, but recently became dredged up in the storm—and likely the source of the mummified bodies that had been turned up in the previous night. The creature’s trail lead directly into the old town hall.

Carefully, they entered the town hall in hopes of catching the monster asleep, however it turned out to be a bog mummy, one of the undead, and thus not prone to slumber. The creature chased them through the ruined hall, until eventually they found a door leading to the infinite staircase. Therein, they tried to escape, but the bog mummy stubbornly followed. Eventually, they were able to lose the creature, but weren’t able to find their way back. Wandering randomly, they eventually found themselves staring down a flight of stairs at the unusual sight that was the Planewalker’s Guild.



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