Planescape: Center of All

Book 1; Chapter 10: Mhalix

Cast down from Asgard for the sin of pride, Mhalix awoke to find himself mortal. Known as D’Var, or Star-Falling to the people of midgard, he began to wander the land, living among them. The people of the Kross Steading were his most recent hosts—hoping to seek favor from Odin for housing one of his servants—when Mhalix came upon a standoff.

Beached on the shale shore was a large dead whale, with a fishing boat of Raven House anchored alongside it, and one of it’s crew standing on the beast with his spear plunged into it. Surrounding the fishermen of Raven House were armed and armored housecarls of the Kross Steading, men shouting at each other on both sides. In the heat of the moment, an arrow loosed by one of the housecarls strikes a woman in the boat, increasing the tension.

The man who fired the arrow accused the woman of witchcraft, claiming that she used her talent to drive off the shepard they had left to watch over their claim of the beached whale. The Raven House fishermen deny this, claiming that there was no shepard to be seen and was not their spear in the beasts heart, proving their claim?

Words are tossed back and forth as both sides appeal to Mhalix for his judgment on the matter, him being a servant of the All Father and thus the one best qualified to decide the claim. Winter nearing, Mhalix suggests splitting the feast lying on the shore, as surely both houses would be well set for the cold with half of such a bounty. Both sides agree to this arrangement, and send for help to butcher the creature.

Pleased with his judgment, the leader of the fishermen—also a priest of Oden—invited Mhalix to spend the night in their steading. Feasting that night, Mhalix learns from the priest of a temple by name of Vesuppi located far in the north, which is a known pilgrimage for those seeking redemption.

The next day—supplied and outfitted by the grateful Raven House—Mhalix started his journey to the north. Before long, he met temptation at the hand of Hel’s proxy, extending a hand and welcoming him to cross sides and serve a mistress who wasn’t so concerned with matters of pride. Respectfully—for a proxies ire is a dangerous thing—Mhalix declined, and continued his journey.

The perils of winter were challenging, and sometimes dangerous, but eventually he came across another traveler going in the same direction to help combat the elements. Eventually the pair came across a pass leading to a surprisingly warm and fertile valley. Welcoming the respite from the cold, the pair began making their way through the thick vegitation until they came to a river. Finding a ford in the form of large boulders, the pair attempted to cross the fast moving water, only to find themselves attacked by a band of bullywugs, where they were overwhelmed and Mhalix’s unconscious form fell into the river, washing him away.

An unknown span of time later—days by his stomach’s reckoning—Mhalix woke to find his body scorched by the unforgiving sun. After praying to Odin for assistance, he continued his journey and came across a band of lizardfolk doing battle with Duinozebek—a Tarbosaurus. Brief conversation revealed that the lizardfolk were also servants of Odin, so Mhalix set himself upon the beast to aid his fellow worshipers. The battle was hard fought, but eventually ended in his favor, due in part to the helpful interference of the newly arrived Armius and Rorimac.



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