Planescape: Center of All

Book 1; Chapter 9: Remington Kemitet

On the minor Prime world of Tholus, at the height of High Elven Magic, during the time of the Illkresh blood wars between the elves of Taronthonil and their orcish foes, Elven Clanhouse Brithonen unleashed an atrocity so unspeakable that the houseclan was branded forevermore as Aezoli, outcasts fit only to offer their very flesh as prison vessels for this evil.

Remington is the last member in this faded noble line, as their numbers had been dwindling for centuries given their accursed social status, and carries with him the burden of his Clanhouse. The vorylaes, or prisoner, as he calls it is locked within his chest due to an ancient ritual, only recently performed upon him to transfer the vorylaes from his cousin (killing his last remaining relative) into him. The process sullied his flesh, changing him and cursing him.

Remington was exiled from his homeland, for fear of what would come once he died. The elves and their orcish allies cast him out of the island continent of Feraval.

Desperate, and no longer welcome in his homeland, Remington journeyed across the sea, pursing a flicker of hope in the form of a rumor about a man who could contact ancient vestiges of power, praying that he might be able to provide a solution to Remington’s situation.

The trip was complicated, however, by pursuing orcs who were set on ending the Brithonen line. The sailors of the schooner, along with Remington and his companions were able to hold their own and slay the invading orcs, but during the battle, the vorylaes manifested itself for the first time. Remington transformed into a horrific beast, the visage of evil twisted into his flesh.

Remington and companions arrived upon the shores of the continent, knowing little, save that humans dominated the land and that his kind were but fables. They came across a small village of humans, where the reality of this fact confronted him. His elven customs and traditions had been preserved in the humans, but in the form of clumsy traditions and fumbling speech. Man was ill-suited to carry on what the elves had cultivated in both mind and body. It was here that Remington learned that, on the continent, those with the strongest concentration of elven blood, now either diluted through time or polluted with inbreeding, had the strongest claim to power.

Feeling pity for the village of man, and in an attempt to build some good relations with these poor and humble farmers, Remington spread his seed to every woman in the town, granting an enormous potential for power to these people. He and his companions decided to spend some time in the village, enough to learn the language of Man, but their time there was complicated by politics, and in the end, the elves decided to move on and continue pursuing their goal. But first, they would dispatch a nest of bandits which had been plaguing the village as a token of goodwill and protection. Remington now considered the village as worthy of protecting, for if his line could continue, the vorylaes might still be contained after his eventual passing.

The bandits were holed up in a cave, but not was all as it seemed. Deeper inside the system of caves, the elves found signs of a scuffle. Investigation caused them to cross paths with the walking dead, and this led them, in turn, to a necromancer. During the course of the ensuing fight, Remington’s companions were wounded as the necromantic mage attempted to hide behind an eruption of golden light. Remington pursued the man, intent on slaying him so that he may tend to his wounded companions, but found himself in a strange place, cold and with choking air. The elf managed to track the mage and slay him, but was disoriented and could not find his way back to where he had arrived in this place.



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