Planescape: Center of All

Book 2; Chapter 1: Strangers in a Strange Land

Elwynn and Split-Ear (Mepp’tik’chu’tipik) arrive in Sigil, quickly abandoned by their planar allies who are eager to get home, but not before being lead to an inn that caters exclusively to primes new to the city. Recognizing that this is their new home, the pair decide to take a tour of the city, which serves as an introduction to the factions.

When they return to the inn, Graven is brought in unconscious, accompanied by a frantic Theodrada. Graven’s condition is quickly assessed as a reaction to the thin air in Sigil, following his and Theodrada’s escape from Darkspine and then Ribcage. Split-Ear is able to revive Graven, and they all begin to discuss their new situation.

Inspired by their tour, Elwynn goes to check out the Godsmen while Graven and Split-Ear go to the library in hopes of finding a way home. When immediate solutions fade from possability, they decide a means of livelihood needs to be established, and thus they form the adventuring company Finders Guild Investigative Services, or Finders Guild for short.



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