Akula Kyre


Akula Kyre’s Changeling blood makes her look like a marble statue that has spent too many decades in the rain and wind; her facial features are muted and subtle, her body is lean and her arms and legs are just a little too long to look right by normal human standards. Her hair sits just below her chin in pale white, lazy curls and her eyes are opals cut into slits.

Her clothing is simple but hints at something finer and also more dangerous. Her cloak is the same pale moonlight tones as her skin and hair and has very simple embroidery along the edges in dark silver, and her clothing is usually made up of shades of gray and black. She is a very monochromatic woman…color, she feels, is an unnecessary decadence.

Her voice has an edge to it, and even though she is obviously young, she words have a hardness that betrays how many terrible things she has seen in life.

Akula Kyre

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