Elwynn is a young man, 17 years old, who has two loves in life. The first is to travel and this he does as often as he can afford to. The second is perfecting his craftmanship of bows after his father who had remarkable talent. He takes pride in his work and spends a lot of time crafting sturdy weapons for hunters and adventurers with the profits funding his love of travel.

His youth is sometimes hidden beneath the clothes and dirt of both a traveller on the roads and a laborer and craftsman. He tends to be reserved and quiet, leaving the boasting and bragging to those who can afford it while he enjoys listening to tails of distant lands.

He has tassled, brown hair, topping a tanned and worn face from much time out doors on the road. The weather-beaten face hides the youth and adds years along with a typical presence of irregular stubble. Clothes are generally neat but are not new and show wear and use. The hands are large and look like those used to hard work with callouses and scratches.

When Elwynn travels he is loaded down with all of his worldly possessions on his back, including his prized crafting tools and trusty hunting bow. He normally wears a plain-handled short sword sheathed at his hip, a dagger on the opposite hip, and a battle axe lashed to his pack.


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