Evindura Dell


The first thing you notice about Evindura surprisingly isn’t her long, Ragged Cyan striped black hair, or even her strange misty Purple eyes,It probably isn’t even her elf features, it’s her skin.

Her skin is white, like a corpse, here and there is color, but only enough so that you don’t instant think that she’d a vampire. And though this combined with the fact that she is unnaturally thin, people would be safe to assume that she one of the living dead. But it’s something in her movements that cause people to instinctively know that she is a Good person, with no plans to kill. This strange combination, causes an unearthly beauty, not unlike that of an angel or vampire, but not quiet good, and not quiet bad.

Evindura’s hair is Ragged long and unkept, it looks like once it was well cared for, but now… it keeps with her overall unkept look. there are Cyan Strikes throught it, about than half of her hair.

She wears a Black satin dress, that is tattered and damaged hanging from it in several key places are little white skulls, one or two are animal skulls. The dress must have looked gorgeous on her once, but now, it only covers her. It doesn’t help that she wears tattered pieces of leather armour over top of it, brown leather that clashes with the soft black. She still looks gorgeous and amazing, but in spite of her cloths not because of them.
Another remnent of her past is a small black skull shaped locket that lies around her neck it’s broken open and shows two pictures of her, one with Cyan hair, and one with Purple hair.

A Rusty old Glaive lies across the white skin of her shoulder, it looks like it was picked up of a battlefield after years of rain, Evindura has cleaned well, but it looks high tie for a new weapon.

She’s a little faded out, like she’s not paying attention, either deep in though or madness. she just doen’t seem to care about what’s happening, she reacts to when people get hurt or to when someone needs her, but the rest of the time she stares off into the generic middle ground.

Speaks- Planar Common, Faerûnian, Heavy Accented Elven

Evindura Dell

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