Ferez Hunter


Neither his height, nor his bulk is very impressive, even the clothing he wears are simple and unadorned. He seems to favour wool and leather, always dressed for ranging the plains, his clothes are well worn and travel stained. His hair is cut short, though light fur covers most of his body, the yellowish colour seeming to match the rest of his armour for hiding in tall grasses.

A dagger hangs upside down on his left shoulder, his right hip has a large axe hanging there and on his back a shortbow is visible. The leather armour he wears is well-fitted, plates of bone reinforcing it and a buckler is strapped to his left hand, the previously shiny metallic surface dulled with dirt

Ferez might seem gruff at times, but he simply finds talking unnecessary, or at the very least a bit of a bother.

Ferez Hunter

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