Graven is an average height, handsome but thin and pasty human male who has a sickly cast to him, appearing frail and weak. He usually is dressed to appear to be little more than a pauper monk, but his mannerisms and speech effect an upper class bearing and his force of will and purpose are evident when speaking with him. He has short cropped red hair, a triangular face with a well trimmed full beard, hawk like nose, thin lips, pale skin and green, deep set eyes. His voice is clear, well modulated and commanding. His complexion is very light and pale. He leans heavily on his walking stick at times and has some difficulty when the air gets bad, which is often. He has a common nail driven into his ear, a curious decoration.

He usually wears a paupers monk outfit, a linen full length blue hooded robe of average quality. A cloth sack hangs at his waist, it’s tied cross shoulder with a short section of thin rope knotted into a strap. His waist is belted with a length of the same knotted rope, from which an ordinary dagger hangs. A gnarled wooden walking stick rests in his hands and a painted wooden moon half above a horizon hangs around his neck on a leather cord, obviously the symbol of one deity or another.

On occasions where it is appropriate, he wears finery consisting of well made and stylish upper class undertunic, shirt, doublet, tight pants, 3/4 length cape and knee high leather boots, all dark, matched and constructed of silks, snakeskins and trimmed in fur and silver. He also wears a silver signet ring with a crest that has a skull with a circle of words about it in some obscure language and a silver and colored glass pendant of a moon hanging on the horizon of a larger body, as well as various other silver jewelry. He carries a well made black tooled leather satchel and two matching belt pouches. He also carries a black cane with silver finials, the top one a knob in the shape of a moon. Graven also has a belt knife but is otherwise unarmed.

He is often accompanied by a raven, a small but otherwise typical gray and black Sigil variety.


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