Jeremiah Harwell


A young well muscled man that can usually be found in a green and black colored traveler’s outfit. With a longsword and shortsword strapped to his sides. If you ever see him using them it’s painfully obvious that his strength is the only thing that makes him appear to have any proficiency using them at the same time.

He has medium length black hair that is usually held back out of his eyes by a leather strap across his forehead. His light blue eyes betray his youth as a deep pain can be seen behind the boyish exterior.

He can usually be found outdoors as he seems generally happy being alone with nature or sharing it with others. Nothing can hide his broad grin when combat ensues as he is usually the first into the front lines humming a tune to his god, Tempus. Both weapons strike out in a fury, secure that his white psychokinetic armor with red blood-like splatterings will keep him safe.

Jeremiah Harwell

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