Kol bears the caramel skin, hazel eyes, and black hair of his Kagonesti mother. While he rarely speaks of her, when asked he offers only praise and admiration for her spirit and will. There is a sadness to his remembrances, but he refuses to speak further if pressed. Questions about his human father are met with a stern glare and a quick change of subject, although a keen observer will note that sadness tinges this reaction as well.

Kol wears a wooden medallion bearing an image of a tree on a leather thong around his neck, and he is careful to keep it beneath his chain shirt when going into battle. His physique is a cross of human and elf, standing 5 foot 9 inches with broad shoulders and lean, muscular limbs. Years of combat training have left him strong and flexible, although he lacks some of the grace of his mother’s people.

In battle, Kol’s black hair is pulled back in a ponytail that hangs to the nape of his neck, which exposes the pointed tips of his ears just below the rim of his steel helm. When relaxing he lets his hair fall freely about his ears and cheeks. He wears a longsword at his hip and a spiked steel shield across his back, held in place over his backpack by a leather strap that runs from shoulder to hip. A dagger is visible on his belt as well, and his hands rarely stray far from one weapon or the other.

Despite his caution, Kol mixes freely with others not involved in a military order. He enjoys the arts, appreciating music especially, and will listen attentively to ballads and story-tellers for hours. He does not speak much of his past until he considers the listener a friend, and from that point on he will risk injury and death to assist them.


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