An impressive speciman of Ysggardian Warrior is the best of descriptions that could easily be attributed to this tall, dark, and forboding man.

For those unfamiliar with that terminology, a lengthier description must be used. As described, Mhalix stands tall (a little over six feet tall), with a chisled and solidly muscular build. Intimidating, without being overly broad or burley looking. In fact, Agile and limber would still apply as demonstrated by the smooth grace with which this born warrior moves. The skin that hugs the muscles so tightly is deeply tanned, with an inexplicable hint of marble-esque green strands beneath the surface (often dismissed as veins by those who can’t put the strange accent and the odd color together to figure out that Mhalix may be more than mere human). Shoulder length dark black hair crowns his head, long bangs occasionally straying to the fore and casting ominous shadows across a serious face. Eyes of pale frost blue speak of a calm and aged spirit, though they can quickly enough cloud over with the fury of a sudden storm.

Adorning this adonis of a warrior: A sleeveless black leather vest, studded with dark gray bone fragments rests atop of a sleeveless ice blue shirt. Suspended from his neck is a leather strap, which holds the lead disk engraved with norse runes and the symbol of Yggdrasil. A multitude of leather straps and buckles attach a modified backpack of sorts to his back. The D-Rings and angled clips and set of palm claws bespeak of a climbers rig. Through a similar set of custom straps on the backside is a Greathammer of impressive size, it’s handle nearly four feet in length. Covering his right forearm from elbow to knuckle is a blackened metal gauntlet, rimmed with three intimidating spikes at it’s business end (and one upon the elbow). From his belt hangs a runed and hollowed out horn, the elegant curve of it’s ivory surface bespeaking it came from a large and intimidating speciman of a beast. A bandolier-like strap holding three daggers rests on his right thigh, near hidden against the dark black pants beneath. The pants are tucked neatly into knee-high leather boots which match his vest, similarily studded with bits of dark gray bone. What from a distance might appear as a raven-feathered cloak, is in fact upon closer examination actual wings.


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