Remington Kemitet


Name: Remington Kemitet, the Silver Mongoose
Approximate Height: 5’ 9"
Approximate Weight: 143 lbs
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Hair Color: Medium charcoal brown
Skin Color: Ashen-grey
Eye Color: Deep maroon

“I met my destiny upon the road I took to avoid it.”
Standing at 5’9" tall, Remington is a fit and youthful elf; slender and lithe, he is extraordinarily graceful. Despite the dark hair that spills past his shoulders and ashen skin, Remington is an attractive man, of obvious semi-elven heritage. He moves with a liquid fluidity and economy of motion that few others exhibit. His preternatural agility and elven aloofness combine to give him a subtle predatory look.

Remington’s charcoal hair hangs down past his shoulders. His right eye glimmers, and that is all you can tell since his left eye is covered by a thick swath of dark hair. Oddly enough, this does not seem to affect his combat prowess in the least, as many who have underestimated Remington can attest to.

His clothing is dark and muted in coloring. His leathers, while piecemeal, are finely cared for and elven in style. They are darkened leathers, worn atop certain pieces of clothing, and are occasionally broken up by a dull steel buckle or a darkened leather strap. He wears an olive hooded cloak, with two criss-crossed bandoleers atop that, forming an ‘X’. A leather baldric is draped and secured across his torso, the handle of a sword easily seen over his left shoulder, with the single-edged and slender tip seen from behind his right ankle. Another, though smaller, blade hangs upon his left hip. The gently curved blades have served him well over the years.


Remington Kemitet

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